Zakhele NkosiZakhele Nkosi is the COO and a member of the management team of a Public Benefit Organisation (Bridging Gaps), which focuses on social justice issues such as race relations and other identity politics. Zakhele co-founded the organisation in March 2018.

As a project coordinator, he successfully implemented the youth exchange project in 2017/2018, managing the organising team and working closely with the teenagers. In addition to his operational role, he implements projects and designs new programmes for the organisation. He has extensive experience facilitating sessions focusing on racism, privilege and intersectionality.

He is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Pretoria, where he graduated with Masters of Science in Geology. He is pursuing his PhD at the University of Johannesburg under the supervision of Profs W. Altermann and K.S Viljoen. The research continues on mineral carbonation; however, the focus is on kimberlite tailings. Mr Nkosi currently serves as a member of the academic staff at the University of Pretoria with a core teaching focus on applied mineralogy, palaeontology, palaeoclimatology and geo ethics.