Development Update

Following a productive year that included our inaugural conference, iAfrika is pleased to establish its presence in Nigeria and internationally. To enable us better meet our goals, we are taking a much-needed break to restructure our work, services and delivery and we hope to return soon with some exciting updates. Your continued support is much appreciated!

Watch Facebook Live Mental Health Conversation Video

Here is the video of the Facebook Live conversation on breaking mental illnesses silence in Nigeria. The profound take away from this courageous conversation is to continue this marathon one step at a time, be #unashamed about mental illnesses,seek holistic and not dehumanizing interventions using the closing gap on factual information and knowledge (now at our finger tips) to improve your mental health. Your mental health is connected to your emotional, physical…

Normalising mental health needs in Nigeria: A wake-up call

When researching the African feminists healing praxis for the African Women’s Development Fund’s (AWDF) Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Knowledge Series in 2021, I stumbled upon a shocking discovery. The federal government of Nigeria has almost entirely neglected mental healthcare throughout its 61 years of independence. There has never been a comprehensive mental health act, which addresses citizens’ mental health needs. Mental health conditions, such as intergenerational traumas, depression, anxiety disorders, suicidal…