#ENDSARS Let’s Heal III & IV

What is healing without music?We’re talking the sound of drums and rattle of shekere, the beaded tambourine… Tongues of our mothers, beats that thump in our hearts and fire up our soul? Let’s Heal is the “owambe” classic this weekend.See you!

#ENDSARS Let’s Heal II

You are invited to the second part of iAfrika #ENDSARS #LetsHeal Series.   We owe it to ourselves to realign our energy to operate from a place of restoration and healing. This space accommodates everyone and it is nonjudgemental.   Be there tomorrow!

#ENDSARS Let’s Heal I

The weight of the past two weeks lies heavy on our hearts and minds… and its toll has registered in our bodies.   iAfrika invites you Let’s Heal; a series of wholistic activities to get in touch with ourselves, feel and release our pains. It is FREE: our contribution to the struggle to make Nigeria a better place for ourselves and generations unborn. A country we can indeed be proud of.  …

Nigerian Youth: The Dangling Meat Between SARS and SWAT

Within 24 hours of its origination, about 100,000 Twitterati massively unfollowed Buhari, the ‘sleepy’ leader who has ‘remained unmoved’ towards the #ENDSARS protests. The following day, on 11th October 2020, the Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu dissolved the infamous Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). But many believed the president did not give a hoot because it took days of online activism and nation-wide protests to get any response on a persisting headache…