Our Origin

Our Founder, Dr Toyin Ajao also known as Moon Goddess in healing spaces, affirms that the Personal is political. As such, the awareness of the tolls intergenerational and collective traumas take on our bodies, minds, and hearts, comes from the lessons and insights from her many years of experiential healing, academic pursuits, and feminist organising.  
 Also, a strong propellant is the recognition of the missing holistic approach to decolonising wellbeing and ending structural violence and oppressive systems in Africa’s sociopolitical and economic structures.  A profound realisation along her feminist seastars, which then led to the prioritisation of a healing justice framework for African women’s human rights defenders’ collective care.
With this tenacity and zeal to reinvent regenerative ancient healing practices through a creative approach towards transforming mindsets and shifting deep-seated disconnections towards ourselves and the ecosystem, ìAfrika came into existence in 2020 aiming to, address deep-seated conflict and disharmony in human relationships, provide restorative healing strategies, tools and resources to advance restorative healing and Ubuntu Culture in Africa. 
Ìmọ́lẹ̀ in Ìmọ́lẹ̀ of Afrika Centre is a Yoruba word that stands for light or illumination, which resonates with Moon Goddess’s conviction of Kujijua. Kujijua meaning self-knowledge is the profound way the late Prof. Wangari Maathai called to us in The Challenge for Africa to beckon our inner light, embrace transformation and step back into our Ubuntu. 
Moon Goddess is thus convinced we carry in our DNA, the fluidity of water, the resilience of the moon, the vibrancy of the sun and the tenacity of cacti to find our way back into our interconnectivity. 



Aanu - Empathy

Umoja - Harmony

Ubuntu - Solidarity

Our Partners

Your donation helps us address intergenerational and collective trauma, and promote healing soulidarity and wellbeing of Africans for a more connected humanity. We wholesomely invite you to support our mission.