Watch Facebook Live Mental Health Conversation Video

Here is the video of the Facebook Live conversation on breaking mental illnesses silence in Nigeria. The profound take away from this courageous conversation is to continue this marathon one step at a time, be #unashamed about mental illnesses,seek holistic and not dehumanizing interventions using the closing gap on factual information and knowledge (now at our finger tips) to improve your mental health. Your mental health is connected to your emotional, physical…

iAfrika’s End of the Year Event

iAfrika invites you all to its end of the year event. Let’s celebrate life and love against all odds in togetherness. 2020 has no doubt been intense on our body, mind and soul and this is a chance to celebrate how we have thrived against all odds. Hope to see you there!

#ENDSARS Let’s Heal II

You are invited to the second part of iAfrika #ENDSARS #LetsHeal Series.   We owe it to ourselves to realign our energy to operate from a place of restoration and healing. This space accommodates everyone and it is nonjudgemental.   Be there tomorrow!

#ENDSARS Let’s Heal I

The weight of the past two weeks lies heavy on our hearts and minds… and its toll has registered in our bodies.   iAfrika invites you Let’s Heal; a series of wholistic activities to get in touch with ourselves, feel and release our pains. It is FREE: our contribution to the struggle to make Nigeria a better place for ourselves and generations unborn. A country we can indeed be proud of.  …

Lessons from Kahlil Gibran by Fakhrriyyah Hashim

I learnt from Kahlil Gibran, On Love, that “love is sufficient unto love”, That love is a spectrum of many colours that when those different shades converge, they reproduce their alliance in hue. And that’s a little like love.That those intimate reflexes one gets when their ears are sealed off with sweet offerings, in tones and letters, in glances and melody, the rallying giggles that upsets one’s stomach for a split second.…