Dominique Dryding

is a student of life who is constantly evolving. Her motto is ‘inner peace for world peace’. As a Security Studies graduate, her personal focus on contributing to peace in the world shifted from trying to influence external structures, seemingly inhibiting peace, to cultivating peace within. She is passionate about personal empowerment and the role of relationships (intimate or otherwise) as incredible opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. These passions are cultivated in her work as a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, lay counsellor, and meditation practitioner. She also wears the hat of Capacity Building Manager for the Afrobarometer network, a pan-African research network which provides reliable, timely data on the views of ordinary Africans to inform development and policy decision-making in about 35 countries in Africa. She holds an MSc in Leadership, Security and Society from King’s College London and a BSc Honours in Justice and Transformation from the University of Cape Town.

  Stephen Temitope David