Ms. Dominique Dryding is an African Researcher. She is the Afrobarometer project leader in the research and policy programme based at the Institute of Justice and Reconciliation.  Her work centres on project management during the project implementation phase of the project and capacity building of local partners for the entire duration of the project in their respective countries. She co-manages the survey project in 9 countries in Southern Africa.

Dominique holds a Master of Science Degree in Leadership and Society from King’s College London. She also holds a Bachelor of Social Science and Honours in Justice and Transformation from the University of Cape Town. Prior to joining the IJR team, Dominique worked as a research associate at the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research in Nairobi, Kenya. Dominique’s research interests include Conflict transformation and the role of meditation as a healing tool for peacebuilding practitioners and participants of peacebuilding initiatives.

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