iAfrika (derived from Ìmọ́lẹ̀ Áfríkà and registered as Imole Afrika Centre with CAC) is a holistic Research and Praxis Institute for intrapersonal and interpersonal transformation through evidence-based multidisciplinary empirical findings and practices. Ìmọ́lẹ̀, meaning illumination in Yoruba Language, is central to iAfrika’s approach to shape collective mindsets by addressing core relational, sociocultural and structural imbalances in human relationships through peace education and healing praxes. iAfrika illuminates limiting beliefs, intergenerational traumas, age-old prejudices and misinformation that stand as stumbling blocks in humans’ personal and collective evolution through the constructive applications of its research findings.

Transform mindsets, intergenerational traumas and deep-seated conflicts in human relationships through empirical research and praxis.

Mission: To inspire humane and holistic relationships.

Values: Diversity, Empathy, Equanimity, Holism, Inclusivity, Interconnectivity and Transformation. 

• Transform mindsets and limiting beliefs.
• Build cohesive relationships among Africans.
• Promote peace education and a healing culture.
• Facilitate healing of intergenerational traumas.

• Advance peace education and healing culture through evidence-based multidisciplinary empirical research, as well as facilitate gatherings of researchers and practitioners to expand public scholarship in Africa.
• Develop holistic strategies to address deep-rooted intergenerational, sociocultural and structural issues in human relationships, as well as influence policies through the dissemination of evidence-based research to academia, civil societies, intergovernmental establishments and the public.
• Facilitate holistic research and praxis by establishing a Peace Village serving as a public library and a wellness hub for the Africa Community.

Afrika Exists to:
• Educate.

• Foster Inclusion.
• Endorse diversity.
• Ignite healing praxes.
• Improve societal cohesion.
• Trigger courageous conversations.

Target Audience:
Africans in all their diversities.

iAfrika Services:
• Conflict Transformation
• Community Engagement
• Empirical Research and Praxis
• Intrapersonal and Collective Healing
• Peace Education
• Self-Development

iAfrika Apparatuses:
• Neuroscience/Neuroimmunology
• Healing & Restorative Justices
• Human Security & Psychology
• Conflict Transformation
• Feminist Principles
• Secular Spirituality
• Ubuntu Philosophy

iAfrika Activities:
Storytelling & Dance Therapy
Healing Documentaries
• Healing praxes
• Healing Research
• Healing Seminars
• Healing Festivals
• Healing Workshops
• Expressive Writing
• Peace Education

iAfrika’s Team