iAfrika, (derived from Ìmọ́lẹ̀ of Áfríkà) is a holistic Research and Praxis Institute for restorative healing. Ìmọ́lẹ̀, meaning illumination is a Yoruba word that emphasizes the vibrant energy and capacity within each being for soul discovery, alignment and freedom. iAfrika taps into experiential restorative healing, conflict transformation, critical consciousness, Ubuntu philosophy and soul maximisation eclecticism to transform, mindset, intergenerational and childhood traumas, psychosomatic strains, relational (intrapersonal and interpersonal), cultural and structural polarities in human relationships.
Advancing the mind-body restoration of Africans through soul discovery, alignment, and freedom.
Restoring the wholesomeness that exists within the DNA of each African.
Aims & Objectives
1. Transform mindsets, and limiting beliefs to restore the holistic wellbeing of Africans.
2. Restore the mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of Africans through soul maximisation.
3. Advance peace and healing culture through evidence-based multidisciplinary empirical research & praxis.
Afrika Exists to:
• Transform mindset;
• Heal psychosomatic strains; 
• Facilitate body, mind, and soul restoration;
• Improve societal cohesion through courageous conversations and systems change;
• Produce empirical research and praxis that will mainstream restorative healing across Africa.
iAfrika Services: 
• Restorative Healing
• Soul Maximising Rebirth
• Soul Advocacy Wellbeing
• Ubuntu Psychosomatic Care  
• Body, Mind Soul Rejuvenation
• Organisational Leadership and Development 
• Intra and Interpersonal Transformative Healing
iAfrika Healing Packages: 
• Mind-body Detoxification and Rebirth 
• Self and Collective Care (staff) Retreat
• Intergenerational and Childhood trauma Recovery 
• Relational and Intrapersonal Transformative Healing
• Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Interventions
• Conscious Awareness and limiting beliefs deprogramming
• Group and Individual Psychosomatic Strain Transformation  
iAfrika Healing Tools: 
* Yemoja Dance
* Ubuntu Healing Circles
* Nature and Animals Care
* Kujijua Music and Dance Therapy
* Holistic Body Scan and Breathwork
* Soul Advocacy Storytelling and Journaling 
* Movement flow and trauma-releasing rituals
* Gursha Expressive writing, art and gardening
iAfrika Apparatuses: 
• Healing Justice 
• Healing Activism 
• Soul Maximization 
• Ubuntu Philosophy  
• Restorative Justice 
• Critical Consciousness 
• Conflict Transformation
iAfrika Works with:
* Groups
* Individuals
* Organisations

iAfrika’s Trustees