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About The Conference

Africa is a continent of complex history, shaped by legacies of traumas. Slavery, colonialism, fragmented nationalism and protracted conflicts have adversely shaped Africa’s present realities while almost eroding its beauty and diversity. Beyond the physical damage done to this diverse continent by slavery, imperialism, war, terrorism, patriarchy, obstruction of African spiritualism and the pillaging of its natural resources are the psychological implications that have passed from one generation to the next. This continual stripping away of African identities and ways of life has a huge impact on the ensuing disunity that exists in contemporary Africa.

iAfrika’s inaugural (virtual) conference explores what holistic intergenerational and collective healing means for Africa’s renaissance and interconnections (Ubuntu). The conference dives into the historical context of trauma to connect contemporary challenges, emphasize the significance of change as well and explore strategies for holistic healing drawing linkages across geographical and cultural boundaries for a transformed Africa.

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