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I Am Because We Are

Ìmọ́lẹ̀ of Afrika Centre (ìAfrika) is a holistic research and praxis institute that advances restorative healing and Ubuntu culture across Africa. We work to address and transform intergenerational and collective traumas impacting our structural, cultural, and intra/interpersonal relationships through neo-ancient strategies, resources, tools and apparatuses. 

We capacitate marginalised communities, survivors of gender-based violence, feminist movements, civil society organisations (including CBOs), healing researchers and practitioners, and political and academic institutions with neo-ancient holistic empirical healing knowledge, strategies and tools to heal our minds, bodies and hearts from unresolved intergenerational and collective traumas through collaborative partnership and systems change leadership.

Our restorative healing framework is built on Afro-Feminism, Ubuntu Philosophy, Healing Justice, Critical Consciousness, Conflict Transformation, Post-Human Security, and Restorative Justice apparatuses.  Our methodology includes ancestral technologies, integrated healing knowledge and Ubuntu Wisdom. We aim to spur a compassionate humanity that thrives in biodiversity and the ecosystem.



Aanu - Empathy

Umoja - Harmony

Ubuntu - Soulidarity

Your donation helps us address intergenerational and collective trauma, and promote healing soulidarity and wellbeing of Africans for a more connected humanity. We wholesomely invite you to support our mission.

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